tooth replacement

Atraumatic tooth extractions including preparation for replacement with a dental implant

  • If your tooth is already irreversibly damaged and there is nothing left but to extract it, it is good to do this as gently as possible to avoid damaging the surrounding teeth. At the same time, it is necessary to preserve as much bone and gum as possible, along with a perfect cleaning of the bed, removal of infectious deposits and, most importantly, a good plan to replace the gap in the tooth.
  • If you decide to replace the tooth with an implant, it is also necessary to prepare and fill the empty bed of the extracted tooth to prevent its collapse and loss of vital tissues.
  • For these cases we use a special device PRF DUO Quattro, which can extract healing cells and substances from your own venous blood, which are then mixed with the highest quality available artificial bone material Bio Oss from the Swiss company Geistlich and inserted into the wound after the tooth.
  • Thanks to this technology, not only do we significantly preserve the volume of bone and soft tissues necessary for proper and rapid implant placement without complex, more risky and significantly more expensive surgical procedures, where the bone is “rebuilded”, but also this procedure significantly shortens the recovery period, accelerates healing and reduces post-extraction pain to a bearable minimum.

Price: from 5500 CZK (from 220 Eur)

Replacement of lost teeth with implants

  • Filling the gap in the tooth row with an implant is the most advanced treatment offered by today’s dentistry. A dental implant actually consists of a screw, usually made of titanium alloy, which is biocompatible and which is inserted into the bone instead of the tooth root (fixture), a prosthetic dental crown (suprastructure) and a special connecting intermediate which attaches the suprastructure to the fixture = abutment.
  • The surface of the implant has threads and a special treatment, thanks to which the surrounding bone grows into small irregularities on the implant surface during insertion, thus ensuring a firm connection with the bone. Different manufacturers have different quality of surface machining, different quality of materials used, but also different precision and design of their products, which significantly affects both the life of the implant and the speed and atraumaticity of implant insertion and the associated recovery. Basically, it could be compared to cars: Kia and Mercedes will get you from point A to point B, but with different comfort, quality and durability.
  • At our clinic, we only use high quality premium implants from Nobel Biocare (Sweden/USA) and implants from Astra Tech (Germany).
  • Full healing of the implants into the bone itself occurs 6 months after the procedure. In some cases, the implant heals sooner, sometimes (e.g. in some very demanding augmentation techniques) a little longer (up to 9 months).
  • After the implant has fully healed, it can be fitted with a definitive, most often all-ceramic, crown. In certain cases, the implant can be fitted with a temporary resin crown during the healing process, in order to meet aesthetic requirements and not to interfere with the healing of the implant.
  • The advantage of treating with an implant instead of a bridge is that the final aesthetic impression of the work is higher, and also that, compared to filling gaps with a bridge, it is not necessary to abrade a large amount of the surrounding tooth tissues and thus very often reduce their durability. The success rate of implant treatment is very high, on average over 98%.
  • Also, this treatment is suitable for most patients, the limit is only some very serious diseases, the relative limit is very poor hygiene.

Implant including final all-ceramic crown: 25500 CZK / 1020 EUR (implant 16300 CZK / 652 EUR + all-ceramic crown 9200 CZK / 368 EUR)

Provisional highly aesthetic implant crown (for the healing period) 5000 CZK / 200 EUR

  • First, the actual insertion of the “screw” (fixture) into the bone is paid for. Once the fixture and the surrounding teeth have healed, the scans are scanned and sent to a laboratory where the final crown is made and then attached to the fixture. Only after the final crown has been submitted will the patient pay for the rest of the procedure.
  • We provide a full healing guarantee on the implants we place, meaning that if the implant does not heal, we will refund your money or place a new implant at our expense.

Replacement of multiple lost teeth with a fixed bridge supported by implants

  • If you can no longer wear bulky removable dentures, through which you have a limited sense of taste, you find it difficult to speak, if you no longer want to suffer in your mouth dentures that fall out, you are tired of gluing them all the time and worry that they will fall out at the least convenient moment? You don’t want to grind more of your teeth and fill bigger gaps in your teeth with huge bridges on which most of your otherwise healthy teeth have to be prepared? Or do you simply want something more comfortable and natural? Then treatment with multiple implants and a fixed bridge is for you.
  • The price is individual according to the number of implants and the bridge member.

Approximate prices for the components:

Fixture: from 16300 CZK / 652 EUR;  Implant all-ceramic crown incl. abutment: from 9200 CZK / 368 EUR; Bridge all-ceramic crown (intermediate): 7250 CZK / 290 EUR

Filling in missing bone for proper implant function

  • Sometimes it happens that as a result of a previous trauma, an uncareful tooth extraction, a large infection preceding the extraction, or as a result of wearing removable dentures for a long time or walking without teeth, bone loss occurs and the subsequent initial situation is not favourable for the simple insertion of an implant.
  • For these cases, we offer supplementation (augmentation) of the soft and hard tissues (gums and bone) to achieve favourable conditions for implant placement and long-term function.

Prices are unfortunately very individual, depending on the amount and type of material used and the augmentation technique.

The approximate range is approx. 2000 to 25000 CZK (80 – 1000 EUR) for more extensive augmentation.

  • We perform all procedures under local anaesthesia, where the patient does not experience any traumatic sensations, however, we can achieve greater comfort during the treatment thanks to analgosedation, where the patient inhales Entonox, which is a medical gas composed of paradise gas and oxygen, throughout the procedure. This combination calms the patient and ensures that the procedure is completely tolerable and painless.

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