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Dental imprinting in the 21st Century = teeth scanning with Sirona Primescan

In our practice, we strive to keep up with the times, performing treatments as accurately and quickly as possible, using the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art equipment. One such piece of equipment is the Primescan intraoral scanner from Densply Sirona, which significantly reduces the time patients spend in the dental chair. The intraoral scanner is used to “imprint” teeth, soft tissues and implants for prosthetic work. Compared to conventional tray imprinting using special imprinting materials, tooth scanning is many times more accurate.

Primescan is the most accurate intraoral scanner in the world, with an accuracy of an incredible 5 microns! Therefore, the resulting crowns and laboratory fillings are extremely accurate and in the vast majority, the need to prepare the restoration in the mouth is no longer necessary. Other advantages of scanning include its speed, with both jaws scanned in under one minute. During conventional impressioning, you have to hold the impression tray, which often triggers a gag reflex, in your mouth for up to 5 minutes to impression just one jaw. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, scanning also significantly shortens the laboratory fabrication of restorations, as they are now designed digitally, milled on special machines, eliminating most of the manual steps that are tedious and at risk of inaccuracy.

Fearless treatment in ENTONOX analgosedation

(Paradise gas)

All procedures performed by us are completely painless, performed under local anaesthesia. Local anaesthesia is administered by injection in the vicinity of the planned procedure. The anaesthetic interrupts the transmission of the pain sensation from the site of pain to the brain and thus the desired area is completely numbed and the treatment can proceed.

If visiting the dentist is a very stressful experience for you, if you are uncomfortable with the sound of the drill, if you hate the tactile sensations from the instruments in your mouth, if you are afraid of the injection of the syringe with the local anaesthetic, we can offer you treatment in controlled analgosedation. This is a medically induced condition where you breathe a 50:50 mixture of nitrous oxide (paradise gas) and oxygen before and during the procedure, which completely removes stress, feelings of fear and anxiety, the patient sleeps throughout the procedure and does not remember the course of treatment afterwards.

The analgosedation state is perceived very pleasantly by the patients and evaluated very positively; feelings of euphoria are not exceptional. This medical gas also eliminates pain and relaxes the muscles. As analgosedation does not cause unconsciousness and the patient breathes on his/her own, analgosedation places a much lower burden on the body than general anaesthesia and therefore has a much lower risk of complications. The Entonox analgosedation treatment is very safe, side effects are very rare, and waking up is pleasant, with no accompanying nausea or vomiting.

The effects of analgosedation last only during the administration of the gas, therefore, you will be able to communicate adequately shortly after the procedure, the effects subside quickly and are negligible in 5-10 minutes after the end of the exposure. Nevertheless, we recommend that you have a companion with you on your journey home and avoid driving and other activities where increased attention is required for the rest of the day.

Perfect 2D and 3D X-ray images for diagnosis and treatment = Sirona Orthophos 3D SL

In our office, we now have the best assistant available on the dental imaging market – a digital X-ray with the ability to take panoramic (2D), CBCT (3D) images or sections from Dentsply Sirona. It allows us to detect problems that may not be obvious on conventional X-rays and therefore treat them early before more damage occurs. Furthermore, thanks to the possibility of sharp 3D images, we are able to precisely plan treatment for the least invasive, microsurgically precise and, last but not least, painless procedures.

However, the unparalleled sharpness and accuracy of the images is matched by a very low radiation burden, which puts this device at the top of the competition.

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