Complete and fixed reconstruction of the teeth

Complete and fixed reconstruction of the teeth

Comprehensive dental reconstructions are designed for patients who want to restore or achieve proper function of their masticatory system, as well as achieve a harmonious bite, rejuvenate, beautify their smile and therefore start to feel confident, stop being afraid to speak, smile and live life to the full.

Because we want the best for you and have high criteria for the outcome of our work, to make the treatment as effective and up-to-date as possible, we only treat complete jaw reconstruction in a fixed way, using all-ceramic crowns and bridges anchored on your own teeth or implants. No more thick, removable dentures that are difficult to hold, uncomfortable in the mouth or traumatic and restrictive.

Complete jaw reconstruction can achieve a new smile or a replication of your original smile from your youth. In addition, the intermaxillary relationships are reconstructed, a new bite height is created, restoring proper jaw joint function, rejuvenating the face and smoothing out wrinkles.

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