Restoring the function of your own teeth

All-ceramic onlay

“laboratory filling”

All-ceramic onlays are indicated in cases where the tooth is extensively destroyed, no longer suitable for a filling, but not yet so bad that the entire tooth has to be ground down for a crown.
An onlay is actually a precisely made filling outside the patient’s mouth in a dental laboratory that replaces the damaged parts of the tooth, thereby strengthening it and returning it to its natural function and appearance. In the mouth, only the tooth is properly prepared and scanned with an intraoral scanner. The digital impressions are then sent to the laboratory where the fabrication takes place. In the meantime, the tooth is closed with a temporary filling.
Výhody ošetření metodou celokeramické onlaye:
  • Sparing preparation (compared to crown preparation) as with a filling and the associated maximum preservation of the tissues of the tooth itself
  • Precise laboratory-made and already articulated restoration
  • Much longer life than a conventional photocomposite filling and therefore better function
  • Perfect aesthetic result compared to fillings (indistinguishable from the tooth itself)

All-ceramic onlay: 8900 Kč / 356 Eur

All-ceramic aesthetic crown

  • All-ceramic crowns are indicated for teeth that have been so damaged by decay or trauma that they cannot be restored by a more conservative method.
  • They are also indicated for teeth that are no longer alive (have had root canals treated) and are therefore fragile. With such teeth there is a great danger that the tooth will break down in function and will no longer be salvageable.
  • Last but not least, crowns are intended for teeth that are already worn down by age and no longer fulfil their function sufficiently (chewing, bite height, no longer aesthetically pleasing).

All-ceramic crowns are made of the best materials, modern and precise. No more imprinting with silicone masses that pull into the throat and trigger the gag reflex. The sharpened teeth are scanned with the most modern Sirona Primescan intraoral scanner, which is also the most accurate on the market (accuracy of 5 microns), the crowns are designed according to the scans digitally in the laboratory and then milled on a special milling machine, so the fabrication of such crowns is faster, more accurate and significantly more aesthetic than the fabrication of a convex metal-ceramic crown. Compared to a metall-ceramic crown, milled all-ceramic crowns are also characterized by a longer service life, eliminating the risk of chipping the ceramic from the metal core of the metall-ceramic crown and thus exposing the dark metal. Last but not least, there is also the advantage of a gentler tooth preparation and the preservation of more of the tooth’s own tissues.

All-ceramic crown: 7400 Kč / 296 Eur

Provisional highly aesthetic crown: 950 Kč / 38 Eur

All-ceramic bridge

  • Dental bridges are designed for patients who have already lost a tooth and the resulting gap cannot be replaced by the insertion of an implant for some reason.
  • During the fabrication of the bridge, the surrounding teeth must be sharpened to form the supporting pillars, the jaws are scanned with a special intraoral scanner and the laboratory uses digital scans to model the new teeth so that they regain their function, regain their aesthetics and fill the gap left by the lost tooth. This procedure will also prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting into the gap left by the extracted tooth, thus preserving both the proper function and aesthetics, and more importantly, this treatment will save the teeth around the gap for the future.
  • Whenever possible, we always recommend patients to replace lost teeth with dental implants, as there is no need to grind the surrounding (often healthy teeth) for a bridge, and the replacement of the gap with an implant is much more aesthetic and durable compared to a bridge (albeit all-ceramic). In the case of bridge grinding, it may also be the case that the pillar teeth will need to be nerve stripped, i.e. root canal treatment, which increases both the treatment time and the financial cost, and also reduces the life of the tooth.
  • Both crowns and bridges are made using the most modern techniques and we use only the highest quality ceramics with high mechanical resistance, precision and excellent aesthetic properties, and therefore we no longer offer our patients outdated metal ceramics, which in all these respects significantly lag behind modern all-ceramics.

The price of bridges: bridge crown for a pillar tooth 7400 Kč (296 Eur), Intermediate bridge: 7400 Kč (296 Eur)

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