Extraction of wisdom teeth

Extraction of wisdom teeth

At our clinic we also perform complicated extractions of wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth are extracted, for example, due to destruction by decay, when they are no longer salvageable. In addition, wisdom teeth that have erupted into the oral cavity in an unfavourable position, or only partially or not at all, or that are equipped with eights causing inflammatory difficulties during eruption, are extracted.

The wisdom teeth are very difficult to access for good home hygiene, their position is usually unfavourable and because of this they often decay and cause significant pain, or very often they can undermine the adjacent teeth, unfortunately usually deep below the gum line, when these adjacent teeth, which are fully functional, can no longer be saved. That is why it is often recommended to extract wisdom teeth as a preventive measure.

The price for surgical extraction of a tooth: 2500 Kč / 100 Eur

Simple tooth extraction: 800 CZK / 32 Eur

Complicated tooth extraction: 1200 CZK / 48 Eur


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