Rehabilitation of edentulous jaws

Non-removable (fixed) restorations supported by dental implants

If you are a patient who has already lost all of your teeth in one or both jaws, or if the prognosis for your teeth is unfavourable in the long term, but you do not want to end up with removable dentures, our clinic can help you with this situation.

Disadvantages of total removable dentures:

  • Significantly reduce the comfort of life;
  • They are difficult to get used to;
  • Patients have difficulty speaking;
  • Due to the bulky structures extending across the palate, you have a reduced sense of taste, or even induce a gag reflex;
  • They don’t stay in the mouth and often have to be glued;
  • Chewing is a struggle;
  • Insufficient aesthetics;
  • It is also good to know that the transfer of chewing pressures through the removable dentures to the mucosa and through the mucosa to the bone is not physiological and therefore accelerated bone loss occurs under the dentures, so that after time the dentures have nothing to hold on to as the bone that provided retention is rebuilt = the denture does not hold and floats. It is also very difficult to fabricate a fixed implant-supported solution in such atrophic jaws and often this cannot be achieved without very complex and expensive augmentation techniques.

For patients who cannot accept the compromises of removable dentures, we fabricate fixed implant-supported solutions. This is one of the highly desirable and modern treatments. Depending on the patient’s condition, requirements and capabilities, we fabricate special bridges that are screwed firmly to the fistulae in the bone. Usually the number of “screws” inserted is chosen from 4 to 6, sometimes 8 if the situation allows. A fixed bridge of 10, 12 or 14 teeth is then made.

We use the Nobel Biocare system, including all components, which are original and of the highest quality. Nobel Biocare, together with Professor Malo, was the first company in the world to develop the ALL-ON-4 concept (which loosely translated means “the whole jaw on 4 implants”) and this system has not yet been surpassed by any other manufacturer.

Of course, the common sense rule of thumb applies here that more screws carrying teeth for the entire jaw, give more certainty of a longer life of the whole work. However, it always depends very much on the individual patient’s capabilities, both medical and financial.

The cost of a complete rehabilitation of one edentulous jaw with the system

ALL-ON-4: 155 500 Kč/ 6200 Eur

ALL-ON-5: 180 000 Kč/ 7200 Eur

ALL-ON-6: 205 000 Kč/ 8200 Eur

Implant-supported conditionally removable fixed restorations

  • A conditionally removable prosthesis can also be attached to implants to provide greater stability. The advantage of a conditionally removable prosthesis anchored by implants is its significantly lower cost compared to a fixed solution, minimally invasive procedure, as well as much easier hygiene and maintenance. We must also not forget the significantly longer service life and strength of the connection than with a conventional removable total denture.
  • In our clinic, we fabricate conditionally removable restorations using the Locator R-Txsystem
  • Two fixturings (screws) are inserted into the edentulous jaw at canine level, and once these implants have healed, 2 cylindrical retention elements are screwed to these implants, on which the prosthesis is easily screwed = conditionally removable. Such a prosthesis holds very firmly, special rubber bands are supplied with the prosthesis which can be used to adjust the strength of the retention to the implants.
  • Unfortunately, due to the completely different bone quality in the upper and lower jaw, this treatment is only for the lower jaw. For the upper jaw, we recommend a completely fixed solution using the All-on-4 system.
  • This solution is particularly suitable for older patients.

Price of treatment with 2 implants of the Locatory R-Tx system including the superstructure: 65 000 Kč/ 2600 Eur

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