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9:30 to 17:00

Why choose treatment with us:

Over 30 years of experience in the field, including 20 years in implantology
Authorized implantology clinic Nobel Biocare

Top quality implants from Nobel Biocare, Astra Tech and MIS

We use only the best materials available, genuine components, without compromise
Short ordering times
Fast, precise and painless treatment
Quality anaesthesia, analgosedation, new technologies
Fast fabrication of dental prosthetics

Our Services:

T. G. Masaryka 21
360 01 Karlovy Vary

+420 777 780 227 (only for acute cases)

NON-STOP Parking in the area of the bus station ul. Západní 1499, Karlovy Vary
70 CZK / 3 EUR for the whole day; 10 minutes on foot, 900 m from our practice

It is of course possible to park in the city car parks directly in the city centre, for an hourly rate via parking meters or by using the "MY DPKV" mobile app available for free download for both Apple and Android mobile phones

Implant Center Dr. Zanoščuk & Syn

T. G. Masaryka 21
360 01 Karlovy Vary